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Sean Ellis exclusively in Cologne!

Learn from Silicon Valley Growth Hacker Sean Ellis🚀

  • When: May 15
  • Where: Cologne, Germany
  • Length: 1 day
  • Language: English
  • 8 hours Growth Hacking Power
  • Exclusive setting: 35 seats only
  • All seminar materials as PDFs
  • Food and drinks throughout the day
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Develop your personal Growth Hacking Strategy under the guidance of Sean Ellis

Early Bird: 999€

Regular: 1.199€

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Learn at first hand:

  • Which growth hacking processes companies like Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Uber & Netflix implement.
  • How to generate fast growth at very low cost.
  • What growth marketing strategy Sean Ellis would use in your company.
  • What business intelligence and marketing tools high growth companies from Silicon Valley are currently using.
  • How you organize your business to generate exponential growth.
  • How to eliminate typical silo thinking in company management in order to lead your team to massive success.

About Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis, founder and CEO of the online marketing platform, is widely regarded as the Godfather of Growth.

He is especially well known for coining the term „Growth Hacking“ to describe the sustainable growth approach used by hyper-growth companies like Facebook, Airbnb and Amazon.

In his position as first marketer at Dropbox he laid the foundations for the company’s breakout sucess. Besides that Sean founded Qualaroo and led many other companies to massive growth including Eventbrite and LogMeIn.

In his book „Hacking Growth“ Sean takes the reader behind the scenes of the world’s fastest growing companies such as Facebook, Uber and Pinterest and uncovers the secrets of how these teams move fast and compound win after win to crush their competition and create extraordinary value.

Growth Hacking Workshop in Cologne

Growth Hacking Workshop with Sean Ellis
May 15 – Cologne, Germany
Regular Price of 1.199 EUR (excl. VAT)
Early Bird Price of 999 EUR (excl. VAT) (Only until April 30)

This workshop is aimed at:

  • Founders, CEOs and techies who want to take their business to the next level.
  • Marketers who want to grow a business in a most cost-effective & efficient way.
  • Everyone working in Innovation, Business Intelligence and Growth.

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